Landers and Grover

Today’s bad boys boot camp is another one that’s sure to impress with the hot and horny duo that we have here. They are Landers and Grover and the couch in the living room got used plenty by the two as they ended up spending this afternoon fucking each other hard style in the ass. Grover has been here in the past and you know what that stud is capable of. This week he gets paired with Landers as the two always wanted to spend some quality time together at this badboysbootcamp and get to know each other much better. And that they did throughout the whole scene today. Let’s just get it rolling and see them engaging in their naughty gay fuck session today shall we?


When the camera starts to roll the two studs get to show off their love for one another by undressing and caressing one another while also French kissing each other. The action continues with the two having their passionate foreplay. soon enough though, you get to see them getting to move on to more naughty and kinky stuff as Landers gets to bow down for his buddy and wraps his juicy lips around his nice and hard meat. Watch him sucking cock like candy this fine scene, much to the delight of Grover as he just lays on his back and enjoys it. Also you can join the bukbuddies site if you wanna see some straight dudes getting ass fucked for the fist time! Until then, have fun with this oral scene and the two gay studs and we’ll be seeing you all once again next week with a brand new update! Bye bye!

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