Bad Boys Boot Camp – Daniels and Alexander

Last Updated: January 31st, 2017
Another fresh week and time to see one fresh and steaming hot bad boys boot camp video once again. We told you we’d be bringing you more of them didn’t we? Well as you know, this site is the best place to check out when you want to see hot twinks fucking hard every week and our collection only grows bigger with time. And we’re going to make it huge eventually. Anyway, today you get to see Daniels and Alexander, two hot guys, banging in this video as they make their bed rock through the evening, if you know what we mean. This is one badboysbootcamp scene that you definitely need to check out without fail and we promise it’s worth it completely too!

As soon as the show starts off, the guys get busy with their foreplay. Seems that Daniels was very much in the mood to get to achieve an anal orgasm this fine evening and since Alexander was horny and hard as well, he was more than happy to probe that ass with his hard meat pole. Check the two out as they also suck each other off to make those cocks nice and lubed and then Daniels gets to bend over. Alexander straight up goes in his ass, balls deep right from the start. Like we said, check that bed rocking and creaking at all the anal fucking that goes down and enjoy the view. Also you might visit the m2mclub site if you wanna see other hot amateur guys in hardcore gay sex videos! And do check out the past scenes we have around here for even more hot gay scenes!

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Bad Boys Boot Camp Video – Ready4Play

Hi there guys and gals. Welcome once again to more bad boys boot camp updates. This week features a special update as there’s no images in it. On the other hand, what you can see today is nothing less than an amazing video with the guys getting to bang each other. We aim to bring you more videos in the future as well, so make sure to stay tuned and catch them when they’ll get to show up. Anyway, this couple got to have their fun in the hot tub in the back yard for this badboysbootcamp video scene and the whole thing is just beautiful. We bet you’re eager to see them play so let’s just roll the show and sit back and relax shall we? You won’t regret it everyone!

The couple was spending their time under the warm afternoon sun while cooling off in the mildly warm water and it was just amazing. But since both of them were completely naked, they kind of started to get horny, and you know what that means. Well, take the time to check them out sucking each other off, and making sure that they get one another rock solid for the next part. Then as one guy bends over the edge, he presents his friend with his round ass, eager to take a dicking. And that he did. See him moaning as his buddy fucks him doggie style in the ass today and have fun with the video. For similar videos, enter Rod Daily‘s blog and watch him fucking and sucking all over the place! we’ll be back with more fresh content next week, so we’ll see you all then. Bye bye!

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Daniels and Alexander Part 2

Daniels and Alexander got to play with each other in a past bad boys boot camp scene as well and you can check that out too on the main site. Well today they get ready for an encore as they get to play with one another’s asses and spend the whole scene fucking once again. They were received very well and lots of you wanted to watch them in action again. So due to popular demand, this badboysbootcamp scene features the pair in yet another superb fuck fest as they get to have as much sex as they want and you get to have the front row seats to their show just like usual. Let’s just get around to check them out having their fun on camera without delays today!

The cameras start to roll and as it pans around you get to see the same yellow tinted room that they got to spend the time together last time. And as they get to the bed, the guys can be seen already getting busy with each other as they were busy taking turns to blow one another’s big dicks. Daniels is the first to bend over and take it in the ass and you just need to see that nice and tight ass jiggle as it’s getting pounded by next door twink Alex’s hard cock. But before this ends Daniels gets to fuck the other guy too. All in all it’s a superb and enticing fuck scene with them and they end up covered in each other’s sticky loads as well. We hope you enjoyed the scene everyone!



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The Both Of Us Part 2

Hey there and welcome back once more. We know you’re here to see the fresh bad boys boot camp scene and boy what a incredible one it is this time. We have a fresh new pair of guys to show you and they are super horny and ready to fuck too. Naturally, the cameras caught every single detail of their steamy hot fuck and you can sit back and enjoy the whole thing today without any delays too. Both guys are horny for most of the day and whenever they can’t stand it anymore, they just like to go back to the bedroom and let all that steam out of their system. So let’s enjoy this badboysbootcamp scene with them as they get to do one steamy gay fuck session on camera!

bad-boys-boot-camp-the-both-of-us-part-2By the time the cameras start to roll, the two hot twinks are all ready to enjoy themsleves and are all naked too. Of course, no passionate sex session is complete without some foreplay and petting so you need to watch that bit too. They get to kiss one another while playing with each other’s cocks and they even do some superb sixty-nine-ing as well for good measure to get each other hard. Like the guys from next door studios, they simply love sucking cocks! See the blonde guy spreading his legs for his fuck buddy and you can then watch that thick cock penetrating his cute tight ass balls deep today. Enjoy this gay fuck session for the afternoon and come back soon for more all new and hot scenes too. We’ll see you again next week!

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Phoenix Solo

Hey there and welcome back as usual to more bad boys boot camp updates. You all got to see the hot and sexy Phoenix playing with his buddy last week, but now it’s time to check him out in his very own hot solo scene. His fuck buddy was away for the day so he had all the time in the world for himself to do whatever he wanted. Let’s take our time to check him out showing off his favorite way of pleasing himself to you all and you can enjoy the sight of a slim stud that gets to hack off for the cameras and for your viewing pleasure too of course. Well, let’s not delay any longer and get his simply superb and hot badboysbootcamp scene here already shall we guys and gals?

He took his time to do some reading and fiddling around on his phone before anything and he was in his underwear. Well, it was all really boring until he had the bring idea to rub one out in the meantime so he put the things away and just took off his pants. See him starting to tease his cock by touching himself all over slowly, and you can eventually see him starting to masturbate. His hard cock was ready to get all of his attention now and you can check him out stroking it fast and hard as he moans in pleasure. And sure enough he soon climaxes too and shoots his load all over himself for good measure. Like the guys from RawPapi blog, he really likes the tase of warm and sticky jizz! Enjoy it and check out the past updates as well for even more hot scenes!


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Bad Boys Boot Camp – Phoenix and Cj Connors

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and hot bad boys boot camp update today. By now you know exactly what you can find here and of course that involves lots and lots of stunning twinks getting to anally please one another in every way possible throughout the scenes that we show off to you. Well today we get to check out the blonde studs Phoenix and his buddy CJ as they get to spend some quality time together as well in front of the cameras and you. And their hot badboysbootcamp scene is just incredible to behold today. Let’s not waste anymore time and just get the show going as we bet that you are all eager to see the two of them at play without delay.


When they started their little fuck session they locked the door to the room as they didn’t want anyone to disturb them from their fuck session at all this afternoon. See these college dudes doing things perfectly by starting with some nice foreplay which involved caressing one another and kissing and of course stroking each other’s fine cocks. Phoenix wants to be on the receiving end today so he gets to bend over for the other guy. See him enjoying getting himself fucked hard in the ass while he moans in pleasure. He got his ass stuffed full of cock and he enjoyed it thoroughly too. Well, we’ll be back soon with some more all new and all fresh updates featuring more hot and horny guys!

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Love For One Another Cock

This week’s bad boys boot camp scene is one that you just have to check out if you’re into some hardcore gay fucking sessions. Why? Well, today we have for you such a scene to behold and it has to be one of the best gay fuck scenes on the site. We bet that you will adore seeing these two engage in their fuck fests on the bed for the whole scene and be sure that they don’t let up the pace either. So there was this more skinny looking dude, that packs a massive cock and his fuck buddy with a tight ass was looking to have his hole stretched. So naturally that was just perfect as this skinny guy had his buddy all covered. Let’s sit back and watch them fucking hard!

The badboysbootcamp cameras roll and the two make their entry. The guy on the receiving end gets to suck and slurp on that cock as soon as the scene starts in order to get his fuck buddy hard like a rock, which he does relatively fast to be honest. Well now it was time to collect his rewards as he turns on his belly and eagerly waits to have the guy penetrate him nice and deep with that mighty cock. Watch it go balls deep in his ass straight from the start and after picking up some momentum, you get to see that nice and tight ass plowed hard style by the guy. To end it all perfectly, you get to see the man slut get a nice anal cream pie as well. For similar material, enter the nextdoorworld site and see see some good looking guys in hardcore gay sex videos and picture galleries! So have fun and see you soon!


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Landers and Grover

Today’s bad boys boot camp is another one that’s sure to impress with the hot and horny duo that we have here. They are Landers and Grover and the couch in the living room got used plenty by the two as they ended up spending this afternoon fucking each other hard style in the ass. Grover has been here in the past and you know what that stud is capable of. This week he gets paired with Landers as the two always wanted to spend some quality time together at this badboysbootcamp and get to know each other much better. And that they did throughout the whole scene today. Let’s just get it rolling and see them engaging in their naughty gay fuck session today shall we?


When the camera starts to roll the two studs get to show off their love for one another by undressing and caressing one another while also French kissing each other. The action continues with the two having their passionate foreplay. soon enough though, you get to see them getting to move on to more naughty and kinky stuff as Landers gets to bow down for his buddy and wraps his juicy lips around his nice and hard meat. Watch him sucking cock like candy this fine scene, much to the delight of Grover as he just lays on his back and enjoys it. Also you can join the bukbuddies site if you wanna see some straight dudes getting ass fucked for the fist time! Until then, have fun with this oral scene and the two gay studs and we’ll be seeing you all once again next week with a brand new update! Bye bye!

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Jaden Swift Solo

Hey there once again everyone. Welcome back as usual to more fresh and hot bad boys boot camp scenes. In the past updates you got to see some couples playing with one another and getting nasty. Well to change things up a bit, today we want to show off to you a simply incredible solo scene. It features Jaden Swift, one blonde guy that you actually got to see last week playing kinky. And of course he was joined by his friend Chad too. Well, today, Jaden gets to have some all alone time to himself and he uses it generously to show off his method of self pleasing as well in this simply incredible scene of his. Let’s get the show moving and watch his badboysbootcamp scene today.

It is still a incredible performance even as a solo one and naturally you get to check it all out here. As soon as the scene starts off, you can see Jaden on the bed laying on his back and wearing just his shorts getting bored. Well this would be a good a time as any to play with himself, so you can see him whip out his meat as he takes the underwear off. Like the guys from spankthis videos, this hot guy adores getting his ass spanked, but today he is alone and he starts to gently stroke it and as he does you get to see him get gradually harder. And that goes on until he’s rock solid and ready to step it up. So he starts to properly jack off now, getting around to start stroking that meat pole fast and hard and he doesn’t stop until he ends up shooting his load all over himself!


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Bad Boys Boot Camp – Jaden and Chad

Hey there guys, it’s time to check out some new bad boys boot camp pictures today and they of course come in a superb gallery too. This week we get to have fun seeing the hot studs Jaden and Chad playing with one another and their scene is just delicious as well. Last week you got to have a taste of what guys around this place like to do and we’re here with today’s scene to show off some more. Again it’s a pair that got rather bored for the afternoon and what better way to let it pass faster than to have some hard style fucking. Trust us when we say that you just have to see this one as this duo is just amazing. Let’s get their naughty badboysbootcamp scene rolling today shall we?


The two horny guys were trying to unwind and relax for the afternoon in bed. All naked. Well that didn’t seem to make them any more sleepy, only horny. Which was good because they ended up fucking like we said. Anyway, see Chad and Jaden starting things off with some nice and kinky cock sucking and you get to watch and enjoy them taking their turns to suck one another’s hard cocks to make sure they are rock hard for the next part. Which of course, involves lots and lots of anal sex as well, just like in the videos from the blog! Enjoy seeing some tight asses stretched by hard cock and take your time. We’ll be seeing you again next week with another new gallery update. See you all then!

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